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Art prints

CLicKs has produced several art print series focusing on Asheville and Western North Carolina as well as an ongoing series of fine art prints, “Radiants”.

“Postcards from Asheville” Series

Available only direct from the photographer, this brand new print series combines multiple layers of images I have created around Asheville.

Prints are poster style in limited runs of 10 16×22 unframed on heavy paper. $25

E-mail me directly for availability.








Asheville CLicKs Series

Art Print

Postcards from Asheville an art print series exploring the details that make up our city.

Nature Series

From Grandfather Mountain to the Pisgah National Forest the beauty of Western North Carolina is reflected in this art print series.

Preserve Series

Art print series created for the Blind Pig Supper Club’s “Preserve” dinner November 2012, focusing on Southern Appalachian farm life.

 Riverside Cemetery

Photo Essay of Asheville’s historic Riverside Cemetery, the final resting place for many of Asheville’s most noted  former residents such as Zebulon Baird Vance, James Merrimon, Thomas Wolfe,  and O’Henry.


Radiant Art Series

Inside, outside, upside-down, a deconstruction of perspective using photography.

If you’ve ever hung your head upside down from a jungle gym, a dock or even the couch you can experience a drastic change in perspective. Children know how much fun a kaleidoscope can be to look through.  Shifting reflected panels of color flutter by with the turn of a wrist. Mesmerizing patterns flare and submerge in a wink.  I imagine my camera capturing that wink and freezing just one panel of the kaleidoscope.  Up and down, top and bottom, left to right. Which way to properly view the photo becomes irrelevant and a new perspective is created based on the amplification of color and texture within the scene.  The mirroring effect establishes a new order of pattern amongst  an otherwise abstract photographed scene creating unique new images to inspect even to the smallest detail.


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