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Family Photojournalism: The art of capturing beautiful family photos while moving at the speed of life.

Family PhotographerFamily photo sessions don’t have to be a hassle!   Even “formal” portraits should reflect the true personality of everyone involved with comfortable, relaxed poses.  As the mother of two young girls, C.L. Kunst of CLicKs understands family, and what Asheville parents want in a family photographer. From Bar Mitzvahs to birthdays, family reunions to newborn photography and everything in between, CLicKs Photography’s entire focus is on the natural, beautiful face of your family as individuals and as a group, we can capture your family’s unique spirit and style, from playful to formal to celebratory.Family photographer  As a family photographer for the past 10 years ClicKs knows how to create cherished family photos while keeping everyone organized, on schedule & having fun!

The portable CLicKs studio can come to you at home, at your graduation, at a family event (don’t let candids be the only family photos you have!), or at a special location of your choice.

We get family. Families need pictures. Let us be your Asheville family photographer.


Here’s a few things to consider when planning your family photography session:

  • Inevitably, with little ones, there are going to be days when they just aren’t ready to smile and play along. The last thing I want to create is “photo day” trauma, where the pressure for the perfect smile from a toddler or young child becomes more important than having fun.  Take steps to make sure they are ready for their pictures by scheduling the photos during their “happiest” time of the day, fed & well rested.  I also offer a money back guarantee for your sitting fee if we have 2 successive strike outs.
  • Solid colors are great, busy patterns can be distracting. Consider having an extra change of shirt or jumper along as well in case of accidents. A favorite toy will also work as an attention getter and to reassure them with something familiar.Family Photographer
  • Family Groups should consider color coordination in their portraits, i.e. everyone wearing jeans and white shirts is a classic. The style of the individual can then be respected while recognizing the togetherness of your group.
  • For older kids and teens, encourage them to bring out their interests. What makes them special? What’s their favorite activity?
  •  The same goes for family groups, show the world what you like to do when you’re all together. Maybe you have barbecues or  scrabble championships or a favorite team that brings you together, let’s show what makes your family unique!
  • Need something special for your photo session? Looking for suggestions about where to stage your portraits? Don’t hesitate to ask! CLicKs is happy to customize your photo session to meet your specific needs.
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