With permission. My oldest.

Two sides of 13, 5 minutes apart.


The Circle’s 4-20 Weekend Sale!

Happy 4-20!!

I was approached a few weeks ago by my friend Shannon Covart who owns the Circle on Haywood Road in West Asheville. She asked if I would come in and photograph some the amazingly beautiful, locally blown, custom glass that they sell in preparation for their big 4-20 sale which starts today!  Of course I said yes! I love working with Shannon and everyone at the Circle Crewe! She also asked me to make a few special radiants for her to use for the sale and design some flyers. Yes again! So here is one of the custom radiants I created for the Circle’s 4-20 sale event this weekend. Go check it out!!



Baby Portraits

Awww! Baby Portraits!!

Newborn Photography

Nothing makes me happier than a chance to work with a new baby and their family.  I was so pleased to meet the lovely Baby Jovie yesterday, 16 days old and what a sweetie! We had a lovely relaxed and comfortable session at home with no lights and backgrounds, no stress, just her, and her adoring parents and I, chatting about babies and basking in that beautiful hushed glow newborns seem to generate.   Perfect. Welcome to the world Baby, I’m glad you were born!

Baby Portraits

NC Science Fest at the Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy

NC Science I took the kids to the brand new Discovery Academy to check out the NC Science Fest this afternoon.  We should have gone earlier, the Geo Dome was sold out by the time we got there around 12:30. There was still plenty of fun science to try out though. We explored stations that focused on magnetism, microscopes and scientific measurement. It was extra neat to check out the new STEM high school that MJ has applied for. She was already walking the halls like she owned the place. Fingers still crossed for the application/ lottery process, wish her luck.

NC Science NC Science

Got Horns? It’s for the Band.

Instrument Drive for Eblen & Erwin School Bands

We have a mixed blessing happening in our schools’ music departments, an explosion of interest in the band program coupled with an ever shrinking fine arts budget, can you help?

From our band teacher at Eblen Intermediate/Erwin Middle Schools:

Band to hold instrument drive to support students
Due to a rapidly growing band program, director Jason Miller foresees a large instrument shortage in the coming school year at Eblen Intermediate and Erwin Middle schools.
“The band program is seeing record-breaking growth,” Miller said. The middle school band currently has 60 students in the 7th and 8th grades, while Eblen has 112 6th graders participating in the music program. “I already have more than 150 5th graders signed up to play next year. We just don’t have enough instruments to support that many students.
While most students purchase their own instruments, many of the larger ones such as baritones, French horns and tubas are often provided by the school for students to borrow. However, the Eblen/Erwin bands do not have enough for all the upcoming students.
The band is holding an instrument drive and asking the community to check in their closets, basements and attics for any band instruments gathering dust. All donations are appreciated and accepted no matter what condition they are in. “We can always have instruments repaired and if they are too far gone, we can sell them for scrap and use the money toward another instrument,” Miller said. “Plus, there are many students who want to play the trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone and other smaller instruments whose families just can’t afford them. Music education should be accessible to all students.”
If you are interested in donating an instrument, please label the instrument “donation” and drop them off in the front office at either school:
Eblen Intermediate School
59 Lee’s Creek Rd
Asheville, NC 28806
Erwin Middle School
20 Erwin Hills Rd
Asheville, NC 28806

The City Market 2014

City Market Opens for 2014 Season

City MarketI love to go to the farmer’s & tailgate markets here in Asheville! Last Saturday was opening weekend for Asheville City Market‘s regular season. This Saturday promises to be a gorgeous day to be outside so treat yourself to something good.  It’s a great way to see what’s in season, meet some nice people, learn something new and come home with real fresh food.  You just never know what you’re going to find, maybe small herb starts and bacon or fresh eggs and bread, or ramps and mushrooms.  You’re almost always sure to find kind folks who worked hard to produce what’s there and got up real early in the morning to bring it to you. And the City Market schedules local music performances and kids activities so there’s plenty of reasons to bring the family. Go to the market, find something amazing, take it home and eat it!



Handful of Blossoms

Spring by the handful! These pretty little cherry blossoms were knocked down by the rain and picked up by me!

The L.O.T.U.S. blooms in Emma!

L.O.T.U.SOh yeah!!! The city of Emma, in the Township of Hazalton*, Asheville, N.C. has it’s own, gorgeous,brand spankin’ new urban farm supply and garden store, on N. Louisiana Ave. L.O.T.U.S. Living Only Through Urban Sustainability.  (Heads up poultry keepers, they swear they have the lowest feed prices in the area.) The store front is ’round the back about a block before the railroad tracks on N. Louisiana. It has an excellent selection of organic soils, seeds, fertilizer, starter plants, and compost tea.  They are working on opening their aquaponics section soon. Owned by a couple of knowledgable local guys, Brook & Clint, who understand the quirks of the gardening seasons in WNC they are ready to answer any question. So happy to have them just down the hill and not have to drive to Lowe’s or downtown for everything!!

*That’s what it says on my house’s legal description. 

Behind Orbit

Noticed the pear and cherry blossoms behind Orbit DVD are busting out there blooms!

Behind Orbit

Upright Bassman

Sweet goodness and mercy, somebody thank his Mama for this delicious, upright bass playin’, man with the devastatingly handsome Big Nasty Jazz Band.


SproutingAll my little endeavors of the last month are sprouting up nicely this week! Pop sure is glad I got started on the lettuce and spinach early in February! He’s had his pick of perfect salad greens for the past week now, with back ups and cabbages right behind out in the cold frame. Meanwhile, in the green house, the biggest pepper is starting to bud, the volunteer sunflowers the birds dropped and I weeded from the cold frame last fall, have bloomed and I’m just beginning to see the tiniest sprouts coming from the lilac and crepe myrtle seeds I started last month.  The new strawberry plants are looking so good!!  We’ve got big plans for all the old beds around the front of the house too!  We’re digging  out old posts, bricks, and bush stumps, killing the weeds and can’t wait to get back to the mulch yard next week  for another load so we can bury it all and start fresh.

And Pop looked up at me over coffee the other morning and said, ‘You know we’re so far out ahead this year it’s not even funny. We should start talking about an arbor for that front gate. . .”

Oh be still my heart, yes let’s!

Sprouting Sprouting Sprouting Sprouting Sprouting


“Lousy Smarch weather…” – Homer Simpson

Weird weather surrounded  our hill top today with alternating patches of sunshine, snow swirls, fog, and then everything melts away. Repeat.

March is going out, less like a lion or lamb and more like a walrus this year; prickly cold with ice and snow in it’s whiskers!  I know I have no room to complain in light of what most of the country has had to deal with this winter but . . .  ”Wah! Go away snow!”



Jack is 3!

I’ve been lucky enough to do my friend’s little boy Jack’s birthday portrait every year since he was one. This year instead of going to a park I came to visit him at home where he could show me all his favorites.  His favorite books and toys and places to play and ride on his new power wheels and of course his sweet dog Guiness. Here’s one of everyone’s favorites from the day. Happy birthday Jack, thanks for showing me what’s important to you.  I had fun playing at your house.

Birthday Thanks

The 20th anniversary of my 21st birthday, 41.

Yesterday was my birthday and for everyone who sent me wishes and blessings, thank you.  So much more appreciated than silly presents I’ll never use or paper decorations on the walls, I received a litany of phone calls from my family, (my parents sang to me), cards, visits, flowers, taken out for a fabulous dinner by a dear friend, e-mails, texts, and a stream of Facebook wishes all day long that started before I woke up and went on until I went to bed. Who can stand in the face of that without feeling drenched in love and a little awed at the response to a day? A day which I consider to be just like any other that I’m blessed to ride the planet where it’s just good to be alive and turning the page. I feel like I’m only starting to sort out this bigger picture I stare into every day called Life but I am enjoying the journey. The older I get the more my birthdays have become a joyful and humbling experience, less about the presents and more about the presence. In the spirit of humbling experiences I did my own portrait today, because it’s important to know that I never ask anyone to do something in front of the camera I wouldn’t do to myself. One light, a remote on the camera and me grinning back at myself.

So this is what 41 looks like! Think I’ll stick around and take the planet for another spin around the sun.

Wham Bam Bowie Band

Wham Bam Bowie Band

Friday night found Cass and I out on a rare date night together,  celebrating my birthday a little early at the Wham Bam Bowie Band show at Highland Brewing. What a fun time and such a great band! They sound so much like the real thing, it’s eerie!  They did some hits to open the set and then went right into The Rise and Fall of  Ziggy Stardust from beginning to end.  Sounded flawless!  If you get the chance go see them, you won’t be disappointed! Here are some of my favorites from the show with more on my Facebook page.

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