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Mom had it right.

When I was born my mother named me Cynthia Lea, which is an elegant and regal sounding set of names that I am only just now beginning to embrace. Now Lea is easy. Lea means shelter. Lea is an integral part of my Grandmother’s and my oldest daughter’s first name. But that uppity sounding first bit always seemed so far out of my reach.  Originally a reference to a Greek baby name, it literally means of Cynthus, and refers to the location of the birth of the Greek Goddess Artemis and the personification of the first phase of the moon. But modern definitions are more liberal and include ideas that relate to the moon’s more ethereal qualities such as its role as a mirror and reflectors and light in dark places.

When I was growing up I remember feeling intimidated by the big ideas that went with this name. Was this really me? Did this have anything to do with who I was meant to be? I didn’t feel particularly shiny or reflective, much less somehow related to any phase of some classical Greek goddess.  Turns out the answer is yes!!! I get so excited by light! Shining it, flashing it, catching it, teaching it how to dance funny, little flickers in dark places, whatever, just bring on the light! And I don’t think this is an accident either. My birthday comes right in front of the Spring Equinox and the sweet annual return of milder temperatures and longer days. I definitely experience my own personal quickening around this time of year.

March is when the phone starts ringing for portrait sessions again and the art shows, festivals and events for the summer start getting lined up.  So far this year has already been a major hustle-bustle with a pop-up show at a Blind Pig dinner in early February and this week  where I get ready for my latest show at The Circle Asheville that opens Saturday from 3-6.  I’ll be offering a bunch of new work as well as a few old favorites in a new way. Glass!! I’ve gotten together with a local printmaker who helping me create some gorgeous glass art tiles to go along with my other prints and photo art this year. Of course Pop was invaluable and helped me out by making some really cool stands for each tile so you can plunk it in the nearest window and let the sun (or the moon) do all the work backlighting it! They also make really pretty votive shades with a tea candle put on the stand behind the tile for your bookshelf or dining table.

This new body of work represents a jumping off point for me. After making what I call Radiants  for over 10 years I realized that what I’ve really been doing was picking up little pieces of flotsam and jetsam with my camera; bits of visual ephemera that might not mean much now but someday I felt I might find the puzzle this fits into. This year is the year I realized the scope of the puzzle and began to reassemble the pieces into a picture that made sense to me. After looking outward for a very long time I’m beginning to find the worth in looking in. So that’s In Vision, new looks at old works and a re-”in vision”-ing of their purpose in my bigger image. Come see.

In Vision

Show poster at The Circle March 14 – April 10


The Last LAAFF?!?

2014 – Is this the Last LAAFF for Lex Fest?

Hopefully not! Although is has been declared over and done and this year will be the “Last LAAFF” there will be metamorphosis to the project with a larger group of directors and organizations including the businesses along Lexington Avenue, the very source of the fest itself.  I believe LAAFF proved in the shadow of its final bow, that it is a festival Asheville wants. Even though I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted to it was as much fun as ever! Particular favorites for me were The Water Temple, Bike Races with a Dunk Tank finish, Asian Teacher Factory and of course all of the great artists, performers and just folks that dress up and come out to LAAFF. The people watching is always par excellence and this year was no exception! Here are a few choice looks from the day. You can find more photos from LAAFF on my facebook page here.

[*And a note to the future organizers, please don't scrap a good thing because of one bad year. There's no such thing as a last LAAFF.]



The Art of Sharon Pruyne

I recently did some portfolio catalog work for Sharon Pryune, an artist in Mars Hill.  She is an an amazing woman who is not only a vivid artist who specializes in trompe l’oeil but a nutritionist, personal trainer, innovative homesteader and organic farmer.  She is organizing her latest winter crop of paintings for show and sale and I’m very glad she chose me to document her unique pieces.  If  you are interested in her art contact me and I will be put you in touch with her.



Wamboldtopia Wow!

Spring into Wamboldtopia

This weekend I went to the spring opening of Wamboldtopia, the private residences, studio and gardens of Damaris & Ricki Pierce.  Hidden away in a small neighborhood of West Asheville,these amazing artists work together using found, recycled, up-cycled and handmade pieces to transform their fairly typical home and backyard, purchased in 1999,  into a fantastic wonderland of imagination and plantings.  It was a complete delight to wander the garden paths around the house and studio, exploring the many surprising facets and little gems of art & design sprinkled about this special place waiting to be discovered.

Walmboldtopia is a private home/studio space and as such is available by appointment only except on a few days a year, like yesterday, when they open the yard to the public. Check the above websites out (all the links have different sites attached) to find out when the next special opportunity will be.

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1st Friday Downtown Art Walk

Very proud of my oldest daughter for choosing and purchasing her first true piece of local art at Zapow during the 1st Friday Downtown Art Walk. It is now framed and hanging in a place of honor in her room. Awesome!

Painting PArtery at AAAC’s Artery

Last night I dropped in on the Painting Party hosted at the AAAC‘s Artery on Depot Street.  Live DJ Mixes by Crunky Brewster thumped through the heart of Depot St. as lightning scissored the sky and many local artists broke out the brushes, current projects and new ideas. Even after the storm passed on the creative electricity was definietly still sparking!

More Pics up at CLicKs Facebook Page.  Thanks to the AAAC for making the space available for some artist community building! Looking forward to next time!

Phil Mechanic -”Uncharted Waters”

Stopped in at the Phil Mechanic this afternoon to check out the Flood Gallery’s latest exhibition presented by Bold Life Magazine. Nine artists from Western North Carolina displaying a wide array of contemporary art from ceramic to paint to sculpture to interactive. An exciting and thought provoking show, going on now, see it before it’s gone.
From the Phil Mechanic:

Please join the Flood Gallery for a gallery talk with the artists from the show titled “Uncharted Waters” featured in Bold Life Magazine. The talk is next Tuesday, the 15th, from 7-8pm. The talk is going to be an informal discussion between the artists and the public about art, and about how the visual arts can be used as a positive compass entering an uncertain future. We’ll be serving light refreshments. (Coffee, wine, finger food).

Phil Mechanic
Statue created from binding with ropes crates and wood struts.
Video from the film: The World According to Monsanto
was played across the face of the icon during the opening.
The bound figure represents the American Farmer.

LAAFF – Day 2

What a great way to wring the last few drops of fun out of the summer!  The LAAFF festival is still going strong this afternoon in spite of a few sprinkles.  Beautiful local art is everywhere for you to watch, participate with and take home a piece of it with you.  Check out more CLicKs pics from the day here: LAAFF Day 2 Gallery

Mug Monsters

Jenny Bowen and the Easel Rider crewe making your LAAFF photo booth dreams come true!

Sweet Tee Mini Golf

Asheville Hoops

Art Swap

The Hop!  Spoon!

Asheville of 1000 Easels

I headed out yesterday afternoon with the kids in tow for some local artist appreciation at the City of 1000 Easels tour yesterday, sponsored by the Asheville Area Arts Council.  It was a  truly inspiring sight to see all of these artists out of the studio and into the streets.  The kids and I talked with several wonderful folks and we discussed technique, inspiration, and having fun with it.  We became aware of so many talented people we might otherwise miss out on; many who participated yesterday are not represented in the local gallery scene.   The weather was crisp, the light was strong and the paint was flowing!  My personal mission for this event was to capture portraits of the artists themselves and the people interacting with them.

Too much fun and beauty for just one shot so check out the 1000 Easels Gallery I set up here:
Asheville~:~CLicKs: 1000 Easels Gallery

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