The Last LAAFF?!?

2014 – Is this the Last LAAFF for Lex Fest?

Hopefully not! Although is has been declared over and done and this year will be the “Last LAAFF” there will be metamorphosis to the project with a larger group of directors and organizations including the businesses along Lexington Avenue, the very source of the fest itself.  I believe LAAFF proved in the shadow of its final bow, that it is a festival Asheville wants. Even though I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted to it was as much fun as ever! Particular favorites for me were The Water Temple, Bike Races with a Dunk Tank finish, Asian Teacher Factory and of course all of the great artists, performers and just folks that dress up and come out to LAAFF. The people watching is always par excellence and this year was no exception! Here are a few choice looks from the day. You can find more photos from LAAFF on my facebook page here.

[*And a note to the future organizers, please don't scrap a good thing because of one bad year. There's no such thing as a last LAAFF.]



LAAFF 2012

Hey folks!  Here’s shots from this years Lexington Ave. Arts and Fun Fair. Honestly, I wish I could have stayed longer and taken more but had an event schedule for that evening and had to be satisfied with a fun but brief pass through the festivities.  More pictures up on my Facebook page: LAAFF 2012

AND if you loved LAAFF this year consider making a donation to keep the LAAFFs coming. Click here to donate directly to Arts2People, the non-profit that organizes LAAFF every year. It takes a community to keep the fun times rolling.

LAAFF Parade with the Empire Strikes Brass
Mountain Express‘s Purple Volcano
Lexington Ave. Parklet Project
Shattering Rape Myths with Our Voice
Pendulum Power
Salsa in the rain.
The Crowd
Asheville Greenwork’s Bag Monster
Moog Lab

Painting PArtery at AAAC’s Artery

Last night I dropped in on the Painting Party hosted at the AAAC‘s Artery on Depot Street.  Live DJ Mixes by Crunky Brewster thumped through the heart of Depot St. as lightning scissored the sky and many local artists broke out the brushes, current projects and new ideas. Even after the storm passed on the creative electricity was definietly still sparking!

More Pics up at CLicKs Facebook Page.  Thanks to the AAAC for making the space available for some artist community building! Looking forward to next time!

Chicken Alley – Something To Crow About

The newest mural from Arts 2 People and Asheville Mural Project‘s Molly Must is a beautiful and eye catching compliment to its larger sibling “The Asheville Gateway Mural” at the I-240 Overpass which Must was also instrumental in creating.  Chicken Alley will be a lot harder to miss now as you walk up Woodfin between Lexington and Broadway.  Where there was once just a note scratched in the concrete designating the place we now have this vibrant display of creativity. A poem graces the far end of the mural that pays homage to the place that Asheville once was in a way that Asheville now is.  An excellent tribute and synthesis of past and present.

Schoolin’ at the Asheville Artist Resource Center (ARC)

Big, awesome, wonderful news!! I’m going back to teaching photography!  Well, at least a few nights a week at the brand new Asheville Artist Resource Center (ARC) located at 39 S. Market Street, Suite D, in downtown  Asheville.

Have a digital camera but you’re not happy with the pictures you’re getting or you just want to learn how to use it at all?  I can help!  I’ll be teaching two introductory classes at ARC* on May 24 & 26 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm  called Digi Cam 101: Bending your Digital Camera to your Will. These will be special introductory single course classes for $35 which will cover the necessary basics to get the most out of your digital camera.  Call it a “Crash Course” if you will.   Topics will include: Pushing ALL of the buttons?, Where’s My White Balance?, When to use a Flash and Why, Picture Files: Organization and Storage, Photography Basics re: Color, Composition and Contrast, and Camera Experimentation.

Whether you’ve got a fun little point and shoot for snapshots or are overwhelmed with your new dSLR, I can help you learn how to drive it and take better pictures.  Class space is limited and sign up begins today ~ so get started! Go to ARC and register here. I promise I’ll make it lots of fun and easy to understand!

I will also begin hosting a free Coffee and Critique session there that will be open to the public  starting once a month in June. I’ll bring the coffee and bagels, you bring 4 or 5 pieces you would like feedback on we’ll discuss them in turn as a group. Prints and digital formats will be  welcomed. I’ll post more details on the “C&C” once we have finalized a date.

See Yourself Learning Here
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4.11.11: The Mural Maker

I had the wonderful fortune to meet Molly Rose Freeman who was in the midst of installing her part of a brand new public art outreach called the Asheville Rites Project which will be a three part interactive art installation with Molly painting an abstract mural on these white panels. Over the next month Molly will be creating her mural here on Riverside Drive which will culminate in being the background for a live dance, choreographed by Garth Grimball with orginial music composed by Michael Libramento with a live performance on May 21 which will be free to the public. I can’t wait to see what’s going to cover all of that white space.

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