Spider Palace

Spider Palace

Hello October! Asheville never fails to blow me away with how “right on time” it is with the seasons. Leaves are beginning to turn and this week we’ll begin to really see the change of seasons. Case in point, I opened the front door this morning to discover this enterprising funnel spider’s web work in the grass. All the surrounding webs are flat but this one obviously has higher aspirations.

Day Trip: Little Switzerland

This weekend we all loaded into the car to peep the leaves along the Blue Ridge Parkway and take a day trip to someplace new, Little Switzerland.  I’ve been to places north and south of there on the parkway but never this high and away mile marker as a destination.

First of all let me say that this little town must have a GREAT PR photographer because we drove past it three times.  Truly a blink and you’ve missed it sized place. Cass and I had illusions of a place at least the size of Blowing Rock, with a main street and some shopping, etc. They do, it’s just mostly on the property of the Switzerland Inn.  There’s also the Little Switzerland Cafe which has a neat little string of shops and seems popular with the bikers judging by the fleet of Harleys parked across the street. There were also a couple of truly darling looking Bed & Breakfasts like Le Petit Chalet, that were flying the Swiss flag and a sporty little red water wheel. Some folks come for the views and the solitude, some come to try their driving skills on Route 226A also known as “The Diamondback“. We not only accomplished driving the road, we covered it three times in our winnowing search for this near mythical mountaintop escape. When we finally figured it out we were so grateful to get out of the car and get some lunch at the Inn. Harmony had a Bacon Cheese Burger that was as big as her head and accepted no help in finishing it. The food was delicious, the kids topped it off with ice cream from the sweet shop and we were home before 5.

Blue Ridge Parkway in the Fall

Took a little roll with the family on the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend. Went to the top of Mount Pisgah and poked around Buck Spring Gap.  Had fun playing with the camera in all the tunnels up there too.  I also had a chance to pull out the big 500mm lens and got a pretty good look at Asheville and the Biltmore from the Parkway.  I love being able to look around from up here and see all of these big, grand things like mountains, cities, and mansions, dwarfed to toy size miniatures by the distance.

Blue Ridge Parkway View

Sequoyah Lake, Highlands, NC

I was visiting in Highlands yesterday and ended up driving along the shore line of Lake Sequoyah just before the dam’s spill over.  Did you think I could drive past a place called Lake Sequouyah with a big, trickly, curtain of a waterfall underneath and just go on my way without stopping for a quick peek?  Nope, neither did I!

[Image Inverted] CLicK to enlarge view.

10.23.11: Bywater By the Fire

Now that fall is really here to stay it’s nice to get all bundled up in our woolies and blankets to go spend an evening at the Bywater with their multiple firepits.  Bring your marshmallows!  Plenty of places to snuggle up, get cozy, maybe catch some music or play a board game by the fire. Tonight we brought the friends and burgers. Miriam and the Passionistas were performing beautiful blends of American and Hispanic folk music while somehere close by oysters were steaming; outward, meteorites, inward, pearly shells, waiting to be gleaned.

10.16.11: The View From Rumbling Bald

Had a great opportunity to hike to the top of Rumbling Bald Mountain!  What an amazing view of a glorious peak autumn day.  You could see for 100 miles!  Our friend and guide David was able to point out the beaky tip of Grandfather mountain in the far distance.  When we came back down from the top Kaye showed me an article about why the mountain was re-named  Rumbling Bald.  This is a close version of the story she shared with me: A Rumble in the Mountains

CLicK to  enlarge.

Dear Autumn,

I got your note the other day! How I’ve missed you.

Spring and Summer kept me busy and Winter was your typical . . .  well, you know.

What will your dress look like this year?

Can’t wait to see you again soon!


Trees on the Lagoon

It was my distinct privilege to work at the Biltmore Estate over Christmas. There were so many wonderful things to see inside the house and the outside was just a photographer’s dream.  Here’s one such dream that I caught after a morning meeting.

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