The Howling Blues of Ben Andrews. . .

 . . ain’t gonna howl no more.  So sad to hear the news about Ben Andrews’ passing this week. I don’t know the how’s, when’s or why’s but I know he always served up the blues in a real and tangible way from deep inside of himself that said, ‘I’ve been there.’  I was lucky to know him as a friend.

  I’m sitting in the basement listening to Ben’s Blue Rider album, Preachin’ Blues, from 1993 with Jeff Sarli and Mark Wenner.  It is so raw and real, smooth and gut level.  The last time I saw Ben play was at the Madam’s Organ in Adam’s Morgan, 2004. He had the Tues. night slot there forever – howling out his heart on a weekday night for tips, just pouring it out on the floor.

 Since most of you probably missed out on Ben, you can still get a small sweet taste of just what you’ll never get to see again here on this youtube clip from the old Fleetwood’s in Alexandria, VA: Statesboro Blues. That’s my buddy Hugh Feely jumping up and down with the harmonica and the incomparable Tim Jarvis on drums in the video.   The Blue Rider Trio, in any combination, was always a sight to hear and behold with a howl that could grab your soul.  He will be deeply missed.  Peace to you Ben Andrews, until we meet again on the other side.  My deepest conodlences to his dear wife, family, friends and fans back home, and across the world.  Our loss.

Here’s a link to the article Terrence McArdle wrote about him in the Washington Post.

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