Summer’s Mask

Feeling especially artsy fartsy tonight after weeks of semi doldrums. A thing here, a thing there, chasing flickers in the dark. (I figured out they were lightning bugs. Yay summer!) Tonight though I pulled my head out of its box and set it out in the sunshine for the last few rays before the sun goes under the mountain. A summer’s mask of  ripe colors filtered though a distorted head. Magic time!

Shower Head

A little fun time at home today, continuing to play with my head, this time in the shower!Shower Head


2.18.14 – Blues for Laurey


Frosted Thoughts

Frosted Thoughts on a snow day.

I’ve been leaving the head outside waiting for some frost magic. Finally was rewarded with some this morning.

1.21.14: Face Paint

 Face Paint for my Empty Head

Head Games - Face Paint

This is my new favorite art project!  Before the snow arrived yesterday, I took the head out to our painting table and spent some time seeing how well it translated. The painting table is actually a bit of banged up patio furniture that we are all allowed to paint on and decorate. (It sees a lot more action in the warmer months.) I’m very happy with the way these turned out! The colors on the table show through beautifully to become smudgy-licious “face paint” for my empty head. If you want to get your face or body bits painted for real, check out my friend Amy at Asheville Face & Body Painting.

Head Games - Face Paint

Head Games - Face Paint

Condensation Consideration

Since it’s a rainy day it seemed like as good a time as any for some “Condensation Consideration”.

Head Games

Sometimes the best parts are all in your head.

Cleaning out the office today. Since it has had to act as living room storage area for the past few months while we repaired the ceiling and painted, it’s pretty crowded in here. While digging through the knick knack box mountains  I found a wedding present from my Uncle’s family, a glass mannequin head. (Don’t ask, it was on the registry and I love it.) Anyway, this item has always turned my gears as an object of interest but it’s also something that has gone unrealized artistically.  I could never quite figure out what to do with it.  As I was about to put it away on the shelf to look over my hats & scarves I finally had a “Eureka” moment with this piece to use it as an abstract filter!! I can’t believe I didn’t notice it until today.  And what good is an empty head until you fill it up? Right?!?  Look out for more cameo appearances of the head in the future. Oh boy, this is going to be fun!!!


Feed Your Head

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