The Last LAAFF?!?

2014 – Is this the Last LAAFF for Lex Fest?

Hopefully not! Although is has been declared over and done and this year will be the “Last LAAFF” there will be metamorphosis to the project with a larger group of directors and organizations including the businesses along Lexington Avenue, the very source of the fest itself.  I believe LAAFF proved in the shadow of its final bow, that it is a festival Asheville wants. Even though I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted to it was as much fun as ever! Particular favorites for me were The Water Temple, Bike Races with a Dunk Tank finish, Asian Teacher Factory and of course all of the great artists, performers and just folks that dress up and come out to LAAFF. The people watching is always par excellence and this year was no exception! Here are a few choice looks from the day. You can find more photos from LAAFF on my facebook page here.

[*And a note to the future organizers, please don't scrap a good thing because of one bad year. There's no such thing as a last LAAFF.]



LAAFF – Day 2

What a great way to wring the last few drops of fun out of the summer!  The LAAFF festival is still going strong this afternoon in spite of a few sprinkles.  Beautiful local art is everywhere for you to watch, participate with and take home a piece of it with you.  Check out more CLicKs pics from the day here: LAAFF Day 2 Gallery

Mug Monsters

Jenny Bowen and the Easel Rider crewe making your LAAFF photo booth dreams come true!

Sweet Tee Mini Golf

Asheville Hoops

Art Swap

The Hop!  Spoon!

L.A.A.F.F – Day 1

Hooray for L.A.A.F.F. (Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival)!  Going on this weekend on Lexington Ave.  See the Asheville Art Set at their best!  Thrill to the Big Wheel Racing and Bicycle Jousting, sway with all of the great local music and most of all have a great time! Two days of BIG FUN, hapening right now. What are you waiting for?  Go!  Now!  While there’s still fun to be had!!!  See lots more pictures here: LAAFF 2011 Day 1

CLicK here for an on-line schedule.

The Secret B-Sides

Downtown Asheville at the Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival [LAAF].

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