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For the last 6 months I’ve been doing a weekly random number project on my Flickr page using a randomly decided number and then filtering my archives for the top five photos. It’s a project to entertain myself and dig out old photos that I haven’t seen in awhile.  Sometimes I find some nice surprises I’ve forgotten about that inspire to bring them out and look at them in a whole new way.

After randomly deciding to take the month of January off to rethink the project I decided to bring it a little closer to home than a Flickr group that is occupied solely by me. It made no sense to be a group without members.  Hopefully this will give me a better opportunity to practice writing small pieces about each photo, try to establish an overall theme to the weekly randomness (if there is one to be found), and keep all my little projects in one yard, so to speak.

I still plan on doing audience participation for random numbers! If you have a suggestion of any number up to 4 digits please feel welcome to send it along in a comment or email.  Otherwise I plan to keep the number picking truly random and will use this cool number generator I found through Random.org. (Of course!)

Photos will be presented from oldest to newest.

So here she goes folks! Let’s spin the wheel!!!


[Click on an image to enlarge.]

1. A Turkish Belly Dancer at the Goombay African-American Heritage Street Festival 2010, Asheville, N.C. on Eagle and Market Street. This festival is sponsored by the YMI Cultural Center goes on for 3 days every summer and showcases Asheville’s African-American community with music and arts performances.


2.  The wheel spins strangely sometimes. In a funny quirk here’s a shot with the same frame number, from the same festival, in about the same place on the same street, one year later. This little boy had just gotten a bubble gun from one of the street vendors at the Goombay Festival 2011.  He was very eager to show it off and he made it look so fun my youngest wanted one. I think it may still be laying in a yard toy box somewhere.


3.  My beautiful friend Anneliesse McKee modeling a dress made by Brooke Priddy of Ship to Shore in her studio in 2013. This was part of a photo shoot I did for Ashvegas, there’s a gallery attached to the article that I had not looked at in 3 years.  I remember I had a bit of a tricky time hiding in the shot from all of those mirrors!


4. A backlit rice wrap looks like the full moon at Blind Pig’s Chiến Thắng dinner at the Hub in East-West Asheville in July 2014. The dinner was a Vietnamese theme with two incredible Asheville chefs, Chef Brian Cannipelli of Cucina 24 and Chef Jacob Sessoms of Table.


5. The Mountain State Fair, September 2014, as seen from the sky lift. I just love seeing all of those dangling feet in the air in this shot! I’ve been volunteering with the Mountain State Fair for the past three years now. I help with the art intake before the fair opens and hang the art for judging. It’s fun to be backstage at the fair, but by far the best perk of the job is riding the sky lift.  That and the ferris wheel are my two favorite rides! Why? Because they change your perspective and offer you a bird’s eye view!

The Mountain State Fair Opens Today!

The Mountain State Fair – 9/5-9/14/14

September is always a busy time for us. Still finding our way through new schools, a pair of birthdays, and one of my favorite fall activities, The NC Mountain State Fair.  This year I didn’t submit anything, (I’ve got my 1st 2nd & 3rd, I’m good.) But I did help hang art  with Hillary Frye and can’t wait to see all the Fair has to offer from the tractors to the quilts and everything in between. Come on out between now and Spet. 14th, maybe I’ll see you there!

State Fair

2nd Place Cow

OK, not really MY cow, but my photo of a cow from last year’s Mountain State Fair, earned me 2nd place in this year’s professional exhibition division.  Can’t wait for next year!!

September 2011

Always a busy month for us as both kids have their birthdays during this time and we’re still settling into the new school routines. This year I also submitted two photos to the Mountain State Fair for their competition and won 1st and 3rd place! But the most exciting part of September was going to my first Blind Pig dinner and it was such a thrill! Now I’m their event photographer and I get to go to them all!

Fire & Chocolate with the Blind Pig


Are You Ready for the Mountain State Fair?

Well the volunteers and folks down at the Agricultural Center in Fletcher are working hard to be ready for you!  The stalls are swept clean and spread with fresh sawdust, the giant vegetables are on stage in the Exhibition Center, big top tents and carnival rides are going up all along the midway.  Inside volunteers are checking in exhibitors, printing up exhibitor tickets and putting out the goodies for judging.  I went into this hive of activity to submit a few photos for the competition and was very happy for all the friendly help and direction I received from the staff.  Baked goods, dioramas, household items, crafts, vegetables of all sizes and variety, quilts, photos, you name it, has been showing up there all week until the fair opens on the 9th.

There’s good deals available for entry tickets and rides, check in at a local Ingles to save some $ and see the fair!

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