January 11th

Here I am again,

January 11th.

Back where I began,

But not.

New year, new world

New ideas from old suggestions.

What have you got?


I’ve been collecting,

Curating all the lost little pieces.

The tiny moment glimpses.

Now the puzzle

Reveals another level.

And all the pieces line up

Waiting for their new beginning.

This is the year it all comes together.

This is the year I put myself in charge.

This is the year I choose the celebrations.

January 11th.

The day to begin again.

Exploring A New Direction of Art Photography

Playing with art photography lends a fresh look to old shots.

I have spent many years playing with my photos, usually I turn them inside out and upside down. Or I’ve handed over the bones of my photos to a designer who tricks them out for whatever commercial project I happen to be contributing to.  But keeping my photos fresh and fun, to continue to challenge my eyes and brain to look at things artistically and not fall into a mechanical response to certain situations, is a challenge some days.  I’ve been working toward a deep understanding of photography from every angle for over 10 years.  While I continue to be passionate about it the time has come to start breaking the rules and making my own rules about how to use them. By giving myself permission to explore a new direction in my art photography I feel excited when I create something new out of picture that was ok but not much more.  Creating images out of layers and textures I’ve captured over my last 4 years here is putting old images to work on a new level.  I’ve been putting these images aside and saving them up for “someday” when I’ll make something from this shot that’s really special.  Let me tell you, between the Photo of the Day project I did with this blog for 2 years, my regular work and family photos, that is a deep well to draw from.  I’ve seen a lot of digital photo “art”, some of which looks like a total train wreck but others I have seen realize something so much more grand than the original image. So that’s where I’m going to head, train wreck or no. Feel free to comment and let me know what’s “on track” and what’s not. Someday is finally here.

“Postcards From Asheville” Series

Prints are available of each in a limited run of 10, printed poster style, on heavy paper, unframed, 16 x 22.

$25, if interested contact me through the website for availability.


Completing My Circle

So here I am.  Back at the beginning – January 11 – completeing the second full year of this “little” project.

Looking back on 2011 one month at a time was an excellent opportunity for me to put the year into scope.  I truly appreciated the break from the daily creation for a minute while getting a chance to review what I’ve accomplished.  Perspective is everything and those daily little steps sure can add up to some long miles.  2011 was a fabulous year of making friends, exploring places and trying new things.  This project continues to be a great outlet as well as a challenge for me; a daily motivator to get up and look for something new and think a little more thoroughly about what I see.

Real and wonderful changes are happening in our lives right now and I am deeply grateful for all the blessings we are experiencing.  My schedule, however, is becoming increasingly more demanding with work and family life; the upcoming move (which was also the most popular post of Dec.) is about to put a real hitch in my giddy-up.  So I’m shifting the focus of the project a bit to give myself some air.  For 2012 Asheville CLicKs will be a 52 week project. This will keep me regularly updated and still curious, without the daily deadline pressure, as well as allowing for some more flexibility with the layout and focus on the places and events of the most interest.  I’ll post a new set of shots along with some notes for the week every Saturday.  As always, if there’s a place you think I should go see, or an event you’d like me to attend or mention just drop me a note here.  I’m always looking for new suggestions!

And while I’m thinking about new things, 2012 will definitely be a growing year as I work to build my own studio space and take aim at the next set of goals to become more self sustainable and  successful here in Asheville.  I’m looking forward to documenting this next rotation of the sun over these mountains with a skip in my step and a gleam in my eye.  Honestly, I can’t wait to find out where I end up next.  Look for me, I’ll see you Saturday!

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