Seniors Delighted to work with a pair of Seniors from North Henderson High last week and make some beautiful portraits for them to commemorate their last year!! Justin brought along his friend Kayla and we had a blast going through a variety of backgrounds and costume changes. As usual my favorites always end up being the “environmental” portraits but I think we made some great formal portraits as well.  I loved that the kids brought along their own props, it’s the best way to show what makes them who they are and make the portraits truly personal. Thanks for a fantastic day you two! To see more of my portrait work check out my Family Photography page.



Looking at this blog it may appear as though all I do is travel, go to concerts, fashion shows and social events and eat amazing food.  Actually, while I truly love event and concert photography and amazing edibles I have always enjoyed the more private sessions I have with clients who need their portraits made, either for themselves, their families or on a professional level.  Jamie needed a portrait of herself for her new website in a natural setting and I’m very glad I could be of service!

Need a beautiful photo of yourself or your family that shows you at your best?  Click here to see more of my portfolio or send me an e-mail.

Tennessee Turnaround: The Sun After Dark

Whew! My head is still spinning from my whirlwind trip to Memphis, TN on Monday. That’s right, I said Monday, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, it was an epic 36 hours.

A few months ago I got a call from my old buddy Billy Hancock. Turns out he’s cutting a new CD at the one and only Sun Studios in Memphis, TN and wanted little old me to come down and photograph the session and do the album cover shots.

You bet! But with the flood waters rising in Memphis the day before we were due to get into town, and people getting nervous about possible road closures, plans changed and we had to turn a two and a half day trip into a 24 hour turn around. So Monday morning at 5 I was out the door and on my way to Nashville to catch a ride with Billy and his lovely wife Carrie, down to Memphis. We hit town with a few hours to kill, saw the flood waters engulfing Mud Island, had a few beers and a snack in a charming little tavern called Kudzus down from the studio and then burned the midnight oil recording four new songs and squeezing in a photo shoot.  Then it was jump in the truck and head back to Memphis – we rolled in about 5 am – a few hours of sleep at the Rockabilly Ranch and then it was back home to Asheville.  Zing!  I feel like I was back before I left.

Sun Studios is a historical landmark that operates as a museum by day offering tours until 6 pm. But once the museum closes the old studio room revs back to life and you can record until the wee hours in the same room that Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and a host of others worked in. The place is steeped in musical history, it’s still giving me shivers!

There’s still a few more tracks to lay down for this album and a chance I might get to head back for a follow up session. Fingers crossed!

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