Rhetorical Factory Show July 2015!

All new show scheduled, opening July 10, 2015 at Rhetorical Factory!

So excited for summer!

And here’s why…. 2 months ago I had a sit down, that’s amazing, brainstorm-y idea to collaborate with one of my favorite local artists. Today I ordered 9 yards of fabric from Spoonflower for what will become the centerpieces of my July show “Getting Off the Wall” at Rhetorical Factory in West Asheville.

This locally powered shop focuses on upcycling clothes and innovative design. Bethany Adams, the designer and captain of the ship at the shop,  had an inspiring boots on the ground meeting with me yesterday. She and I have had wonderful success in the past collaborating on projects (if you’ve ever seen me in a CLicKs shirt) and I can’t wait to see what she creates with my images! The show will also include 20 original glass art tiles which I’ve been working on for most of this year.

Come see what we’ve been dreaming up. . . second Saturday, July 10, 2015.

Tangleheart Carousel – Glass Art Tile 6″x6″ with wood stand available at upcoming show July 2015 at Rhetorical Factory in West Asheville.

2.27.14 – Asheville’s Sharpest Edge

Asheville’s Sharpest Edge is a sharpen anything with a blade business just outside of town on Merrimon in Woodfin.  Pop recently found a really nice trim saw blade for a great price at Habitat but it needed some cleaning up and sharpening so we dropped it off there a few weeks ago. When we came back to pick it up today I dragged my youngest with us too.  She thought I was nuts to make her come along on this obviously boring errand until we walked into the store.  You see, aside from Asheville’s Sharpest Edge being a local, friendly place to get your sharps sharpened fine enough to split a hair, it is also the home to 3 aquatic turtles who live in the 125 gallon tank that sits in the window. Harmony’s been asking me for a pet turtle so I thought it would be a good idea to bring her along. Vickie, who runs ASE, is a wealth of information about the turtles and gave her lots of things to think about when you’re picking them as pets. It was awesome, and H is now more interested than ever (I told her we still need some more research).  These are some really happy well kept turtles too and come right up to the top of the tank when people come in the store.




Window Shopping in East West Asheville

Window ShoppingYesterday I broke out of the house and “snow day” lock down with the kids to head up to East West Asheville for a little fun, window shopping and cupcakes with my friend Jennifer over at Blog Asheville. She wanted to check out Whist, the sweet new gift shop on Haywood Rd. I wanted to check out Flora for plant ideas and maybe a few little sprigs of green for the house or greenhouse and of course I always have to check in with my good friends up at the Circle. I wanted to see if any of my art had sold (I have photo prints of Radiants and Asheville  for sale at the Circle BTW) and check out the new show by Hannah Rochester they have hanging up at the store this month.  All of these sweet little local shops sit right in a row together on Haywood Rd. which makes it so easy to enjoy them all.

Well worth the trip and so many needful little things I had no idea I was craving.  Whist had the PERFECT little gift for my sister’s birthday plus a card I know she’ll like which is rare to find both in the same place. The new store is bright & pretty, filled with lots of fun gifts and well laid out.

Going into Flora is like having Spring kiss you on the nose, as long as you’re into that kind of thing. Sweet smells, beautiful flowers, lush plant arrangements, terrariums all misty green, and little ferns, air plants and green bits you can bring home with you for just a few dollars that just possibly will restore your hope that cold weather will be vanquished and the world will be warm again.

I lost myself for almost half & hour at the Circle discovering sweet hand knitted hats and all their other hand made local wares and art that they are so good at putting right out front. The Hannah Rochester show is original and interesting. I especially liked her pieces that were described as “I had a lot on my mind” and while the originals were out of my budget the prints were just $20.

Then we went around the corner and down the hill to Short Street Cakes and made a late afternoon cupcake run, scoring a couple vegan chocolate, a couple Lemon Lavender, some “ugly but delicious” apple cake and a mini king cake to share. Came home feeling all warm and happy for spending time with a friend doing some local retail therapy.

Mug Monsters!

This is Max Ernst, MJ’s much adored mug monster which she got for her 11th birthday. Mug Monsters are pure Asheville, made here locally and make a great gift and buddy!  Handmade with recycled fabrics and faces as unique as you are, they want you to be their new master.  In return they will protect your soup or drink, keep it hot or cold for 4-5 hours, and smile wide when you look inside!

AND. . .  Go to the Mug Monster Facebook page and check this out!

‎500th Mug Monster: Special Edition……. Would you like to WIN? We propose a contest. Shower Mug Monsters with your creative fanluv. Compose a poem, haiku, funny photo, cosplay pic set, interpretive dance, whatever your fancy. The general theme being a celebration of the Mug Monster Horde at large, scattered throughout this wide Earth. Post this celebration on your Facebook Wall over the next two weeks, and tag Mug Monsters in it. The winner will be selected by distinguished jury, on Dec. 19, Mug Monsters’ 5th Anniversary!

12.11.11: Scaling Black Dome

Spotted this cool sculpture on the side of Black Dome Mountain Sports today.   They’ve got lots of great gear for your little carabiner! Don’t forget to shop local this year!  I’ll be giving out suggestions all week about some of my favorite places to shop local in Asheville this season.

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